Kolob Canyon panorama

On our next outing into Zion, we went to the Northwest entrance into Kolob Canyon . It was another gorgeous day . . . blue skies, warm weather. Ms. Mar and Mr. C. stuffed me into the backpack again and off we went.

Kolob Canyon

Hiking in the South canyons (our adventure in last week’s episode) had been warm – temperatures in the 80’s. Somehow Ms. Mar didn’t get the memo that Kolob Canyon is at a higher elevation and therefore much cooler. Duh!!! We drove into the parking lot to check in at the park entrance and immediately noticed that everyone was wearing sweatshirts and jackets with mittens and hats. Ms. Mar and Mr. C. exited the car in their shorts and t-shirts and I could visibly see the goose bumps form. (I was totally comfortable snuggled up in the backpack), although PETA will be getting a note on Ms. Mar not providing snacks in my temporary abode. Not complaining, just saying… no t.v. reception makes for a boring wait. I made sure all the doors were locked and waited… and waited… and waited for their return. They came back excited, or it might have been shivering. It must have been 40 degrees. What were they thinking?

Kolob - drive up the canyon

It is a winding five-mile drive up to the top of Kolob Canyon but the scenery and views are gorgeous. We were there during the peak of the fall colors and the yellow trees against the rugged rock and pines were spectacular.

Autumn in Kolob Canyon

The road ends at the Kolob Canyons Viewpoint. The panoramic views are stunning. There is an easy trail that starts at the viewpoint parking lot and goes to an overlook that gives you a 180 degree view of the park. It is about a one mile round trip but allow yourself enough time to enjoy the scenery. Ms. Mar could have stayed there for hours just contemplating life, but I was getting a little cramped stuffed in the backpack so I kept scratching at her head so she would go.

View from overlook

This area is pretty rugged and there are signs along the way warning of possible rock slides.

Kolob Canyon

On the drive down the hill we encountered a minor rock slide but traffic was stopped for several minutes while bulldozers cleared boulders the size of a small house from the side of the road. I’d hate to be on the receiving end of one of those boulders!!! The phrase “flat-cat” comes to mind. Euuuwe!!

So, until next week, when we visit Bryce Canyon, Aloha.


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  1. Judy Backlund

    Sounds like you are one lucky cat to have Ms. Mar and Mr. C. take you with them on their trips. I can tell that you love them, too! My cat Princess says “Hi” and is a bit jealous because she doesn’t get to go anywhere.
    Love, Ms. Mar’s cousin Judy

  2. Diane Cotterman

    Tuxedo is the most well traveled cat ever!! Love all the adventures.
    Love, Dii

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