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My given name is Tux, short for Tuxedo. I am a privileged cat because I’m loved and pampered by my housekeeper, Ms. Mar. I call her me-ow. Seriously, that’s what I yell when I need her. She is good to me, and most of the time I stay out of her way while she cleans.

I have three brothers who are in need of serious help and hygiene skills. That is a constant issue with Ms. Mar.

For my first blog I just wanted to introduce you to my world and to prepare you to my lifestyle. My ancestors are the King-of-the-Jungle and as the name implies, I’m all male minus the package. My lineage is traced back to “rialto” (late 15th cent.: Old Fr. for royalty) with a trace of Asian Persian. I speak 3 languages all “Northern paw-nese-base” in the “purr-nian” dialect.

I am also a fashionista with a tendency to be a bit dramatic. I am regal and have an abhorrence for plain-vanilla (whatever that means).

I am surrounded by travel photographs taken by Ms. Mar and have lots of stories about the places she takes me during her photo shoots.

Grand Marais lighthouse at sunset
Grand Marais lighthouse at sunset

Ms. Mar is about to head out to Grand Marais, Minnesota, a small town on the shores of Lake Superior, for her high school reunion. She won’t say how old her classmates are, but I would estimate somewhere between 3-4 cat lifetimes old. My ears perked up when I heard it was during a time they have what is called the FISHerman’s picnic. Anything with fish in it can’t be too bad, so I’m going to pack my backpack and go along with her.

Come back next week to see my full report of the week’s events. I’m sure Ms. Mar will be toting her camera so I’ll have lots of photos to share too.

Welcome to Tuxedo Junction, where you can put your feet up and have a cold one (make that a glass of Dom Perignon) on me.

eow for now,

The Tux

What is a cat’s favorite song? Three Blind Mice.

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  1. Diane

    love this Marlaee. It’s fun and refreshing and I’ll take it over the news any day!

  2. Judy Backlund

    Tux, I loved your blog. Are you really going with Ms. Mar to Minnesota? That should be a long trip for you. Are you going by car or airplane? I can’t wait to see all of your pix on the next blog.
    Love, Ms. Mar’s cousin Judy

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