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I slept soundly after all those activities yesterday with my ancestral Big Kitty tribe in the bush. I’m in physical shape for a domestic sophisticated cat, but not like my homey buddies. The “wild” scent was still in my nose and memories of playfully stocking prey sent shivers down my tail. It felt good. The Big Kitties were amazing and I’m going to miss them.

I relished the call of the wild as l opened my eyes and found myself in my carry-all. The sky was dark, with many people milling around my safari van. Party? I don’t think so… it’s still early morning and no one was drinking.

Huh, what’s going on?

The stretch and yawn felt good, but the area did not look familiar. Unfamiliar people were standing in line, for what? I’m concerned now with no one to assure me that all is well.

Ms. Mar reached into the van to cuddle me with a blanket. She never uses a blanket wrap to hug me. This is not a good sign, in fact, it is very suspicious. I heard Mr. Clinton say to Ms. Mar, “Are you okay?”

I’m not sure what he meant by that.

The conversation continued as I listened intently for clues of what was happening.

There are a few things you should know, Mr. C said in a low voice to Ms. Mar. For one, the experience is much different than what you may be used to. Instead of the gentle rocking of a boat or the smooth acceleration and deceleration of an airplane, a hot air balloon ride involves a lot of bouncing and jostling.

Okay…That explains some of the mystery. What the hell is a hot air balloon?

Mr. C said, the experience is well worth it for the breathtaking views you’ll see while floating through the sky.

WHAT? !!! TUX does not float in the sky! Only birds and angels do, and I’m neither. Excuse me…I’m not going with y’all. Tux is sophisticated, not stupid!

The sound of compressed air echoed into the ebony sky and jostled with a firm squeeze. A breath of silence followed by the group exhaled with ahh. I’ve learned that that sound means purrrrh.

Ms. Mar unwrapped by cacoon blanket and I heard nothing but the morning breeze whispering my name. I saw what everyone else was seeing and it made me purr and my front feet “kneaded” with delight.

I was l floating in the sky. A breathtaking view that can only be experienced in a balloon. We skimmed the treetop propelled by the breeze and with a swoosh, climbed above the forest to see the horizon. Sunrise took my breath away, but then I had an urge to pee. Not my most sterling moment, but I held it so as not to get Ms. Mar mad.

The rays of the sun lite the shadows of the night with a warm golden tone. A large herd of wildebeest and a few zebras ran in the same direction till they peeled away knowing they were not being chased. I yelled, Wooo-Wooo, and waved goodbye after clearing the rolling hills and spotted a road with vans parked at its side and men running about.

Captain Kirk of the USS Balloon lowered its flaps and descended to the field as men ran in front of our path to catch the gondola for a landing. Our gondola did not land as gracefully as others. We skidded along the ground for a short while and tipped on its side.

I braced for a crash opened my eyes and my nose bumped the ground with grass flying around my head. The workers helped everyone out but forgot about me. HELLO! By this time I fell to the floor of the gondola and could not be seen. Ms. Mar looked around the mother ship as I meandered from the bucket.

I’m okay, if you’re asking.

She rushed and hugged me with a warm kiss on cheek. All was purfect now.

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