Tux’s Return from Minnesota

Ms. Mar and I returned home safely from our Minnesota adventure. I was happy to see Mr. C and even my kitty-ot brothers.

Sunrise over Grand Marais harbor

I must have picked up a virus or something because every time I opened my mouth words like “ya, you betcha”, or “uffda” came out. They speak an odd language up there. But there is an expression that I heard everywhere we went and that was that the people are “Minnesota nice.” You betcha they are.

If you’ve ever seen the movie “Fargo,” it’s a little like that. Maybe the Fargo lingo is a little exaggerated, but there were a couple of times that if I closed my eyes, I was sure Frances McDormand was standing in front of me talking.

As I reported last week, Ms. Mar made me get up at 5:00 a.m. to accompany her to take photos. Uffda!!!

Dusk over Grand Marais Harbor

Did I mention that she has a passion for taking photographs? She wanted me to share some of her photographs with you. I guess it was worth the loss of sleep that day. You betcha it was.

Reflection at Artist's Point

My brothers have been ignoring me since I got back. I think they’re jealous because I got to travel with Ms. Mar and they had to stay home. It’s either that or just because I’m just so darn cute.

I won’t be traveling for another few weeks we we go back to Minnesota for Ms. Mar’s niece’s wedding. I can hone my Minnesota accent a little more while I’m there. In the meantime, come with me next week on another adventure we have taken before.

Click on Minnesota Photos to see more photos.

Nap Time

I’m going to rest for now. It’s been a tiring week.  See you next week.  -eow for now.

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  1. Judy Backlund

    Tux, I enjoyed hearing about your Minnesota trip. I’m sure that Mr. C. was very happy to have you back home again. Ms. Mar’s photos are gorgeous. Be sure to pass the word along to her.
    Love, Ms. Mar’s Cousin Judy

  2. Diane Cotterman

    Tux, I loved your report. Everything you say about Minnesota is so true. Glad you and Ms MAr made it home safe and sound. Love, love Miss Mar’s photos. Totally worth getting up so early. Love, Ms Mar’s cousin Dii

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