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Tux Meets Anatasha

I couldn’t believe this place is built on sand. And all these high buildings! Mr. C and Ms. Mar took me to the top of one of them and I could see the whole city. And the sea! So many boats.

Since I only understand English, I totally don’t understand Arabic. We watched the History Channel before our trip and noticed that Dubai is different from Oregon. Way different.

But since I’m sophisticated, I allow myself great latitude in accepting everyone. I do the same with every living being I meet, especially cats. Enough of my social morality. This is what I was taught and this is how I roll. I think everyone should adopt my philosophy cause I’m warm and wonderful.

Mr. C put me in his backpack, which means I’m supposed to stay quiet and/or we’re doing something sneaky. He paid $44.65 per person for an elevator ride that broke 15 world records ranging from the tallest free-standing structure which stands a little over half a mile with 900 luxury residences, from studios (1.035 million) to a 6-bedroom Penthouse at $27million.

I was so appreciative that the building had air conditioning and although the elevator took a while to get to the top, it was fast; the fastest in the world.

As I peeked through the backpack’s flaps, I saw way beyond the horizon. The ocean was pretty blue and the land was sand white. What a sight. I have never been so high and still connected to the ground. Guys at home will not believe me!

Mr. C put the backpack down on a bench and went to the restroom. Next to me was a pink backpack with cartoon faces pasted over the bag. I did not pay attention to it but did see a white fluffy tail hanging outside of the flap. So, I took a swipe at it thinking I was supposed to. The tail retreated into the bag and out popped a really pretty fluffy female face with a pink fir clip.

My throat turned dry rendering me speechless.

I’m my best-sophisticated tone, I spoke French. I unloaded all the French I knew…”Madam, mon nom est Tuxedo, Que puis-je demander, c’est ton nom? In her best English, but with a very noticeable British accent she replied, “Oh hello, my name is Anatasha. Are you lost?”

“Hello! My name is Tuxedo and I’m not lost. I’m just taking in the sights of Dubai with my human friends. What’s your story?”

Anatasha told me that she was born in London but with a heavy Slavic accent. I needed to tune my ears to her intonations. The more she spoke the greater Dr. Zhivago imagery swirled in my head. Tinker Bell’s fairy dust hypnotized me along with her accent, her fluffy tail, and green eyes.

I extended my paw to her and she reciprocated by touching it. I was in love, but I knew this was only to be a brief encounter and we will soon part to our own corner of the world.

I’m originally from the country of Georgia but now I live in London. We are only in Dubai for a few days.

Me too.

She said I’m staying at the Marriott hotel and discovered we are on the same floor. How cool is that?

I arrange for a rendezvous outside her room that night and we stroll down the magnificent carpeted hallway chatting like two school kids. At the end of the hallway, there was a floor-ceiling window overlooking part of Dubai. Nothing needed to be said as we just absorbed the view. The evening turned into a sparkling jewel against the Arabian night.

A child-like female yelled, “Ana, here kitty-kitty.” The girl walked over and bent over to say, “Now, who is this. Ana, is this a new friend?”

The soon-to-be adult woman reached down and stroked Tux’s crown. “You’re such a magnificent cat.” With her other hand, she picked up Anatashia and pressed her against her chest.

All three creatures walked back down the hallway to their rooms.

Anatasha was placed on the floor so her human could open the door with her keycard. Anatasha walked over to me to say goodbye.

I parted with a slight muzzle touch sealing it with a light lick of her cheek. She purred back with a smile and slowly walked into her hotel room.

I will never forget Dubai.

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