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Tux Goes to Kenya

Imagine if you will, spending your vacation with me, Tuxedo the Sophisticated Cat – a feline whose intelligence is only rivaled by my sense of entitlement. This precocious kitty expects nothing short of the best and I will make sure you know it. Whether lounging around all day or taking impromptu catnaps in the most inconvenient places, I am always in control. Are you up for the challenge? Let’s find out!


The adventure begins with a looooong flight (14 hours) to Kenya. I was unimpressed and made it known by loudly vocalizing his displeasure the entire way. But once we landed, I was able to takes in all the sights and smells of my new surroundings with great curiosity. Despite being jet-lagged, I was ready to explore.

Mr. C and Ms. Mar with our guide, Jackson

The Masai greeter was friendly and he and I started a great relationship. Masai Mara was a far cry from Oregon and yet it looked desert-like which I’m familiar with. So that was a positive. Now, I want to explore, but Ms. Mar and Mr. C are too tired to even unpack. What’s with that. “Hey, WE HAVE LIGHT TO BURN…LET’S GO”!

The next morning, we were up and out early for our photo safari. The animals were so close and yet so far away. It was amazing to see them in their natural habitat, but I have to say that the whole experience was a bit underwhelming for me. I was hoping to spot a lion or at the very least a gazelle, but instead, I saw a lot of zebras and impalas. “Boring!” “Where are the animals with big teeth?”

I was about to give up on this safari when our guide finally spotted a lioness from afar. “There she is!” “Finally, something interesting to look at.” The lioness was beautiful and regal, and I was thrilled to have finally seen one. As we watched her from a distance, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe and wonder. “This is Africa!”, I thought to himself. “The birth of my ancestors, he King of Beasts – this is where it all started. “ I’m really here.”

The day ended with a few more sightings of lions, but I was most impressed by the Masai people. I loved their bright colors and the way they welcomed us into their village. I even tried some of their food, which I didn’t like but was happy to have tried.

The next day M. C woke me early in the morning when the stars were still shinning. Uh, moi don’t do mornings. But up I rose and the camp members were standing close to the vans. They got instructions while I napped in Ms. Mar’s backpack. I’m not that chubby as the competition application alluded to.

As usual, the ride along the bumpy dirt roads were not ideal for my taste. Our drive not far from camp, but I heard a slight rumbling sound in the distance. As we got closer to the river, the noise got louder. I slowly edged closer to M. C’s lap, but found a towel next to him which provided the perfect cover for me. I snuck under it, but left my one paw out of the towel touching Mr. C’s leg, just in case they leave without me. The van came to a stop, I peered out and saw the noise veiled by a thick cloud of dust. “What’s happening?” My heart slowing increased in tempo and seeing Ms. Mar’s face did not comfort my fears. “Is this the mother of doom?”

A swift breeze cleared the air. My diminutive van was looking so small compared to what I was staring at. What is that? I’ve never seen anything like this before.

To be continued. . .

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