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Three Reasons Tuxedo Can Not Enter “The Best Cat In The World” Competition

I, Tuxedo, the Sophisticate Cat, have applied to compete in The International Cat Federation competition, which hosts a yearly competition called The Supreme Master Cat Show. The event is open to all breeds of cats, and I am determined to enter. But I am having some trouble getting my application approved. I know that I have what it takes to win- after all, I am the most sophisticated cat around! But there are three reasons why my application keeps getting denied.

The first reason is that I don’t have a pedigree. The International Cat Federation requires all competitors to have a registered pedigree to compete, and unfortunately for me, I doesn’t have one. The reason is that I am not a purebred cat – I’m a mix of several “best” breeds. While I may not be the most “pure” cat around, this doesn’t mean that I’m not just as talented and unique as any other purebred cat. In fact, I’m actually amazing because of my varied heritage, and I deserve recognition for my accomplishments.

My second application rejection was due to my weight. To compete in the Supreme Master Cat Show, all cats must be of a healthy weight. Unfortunately, I am over the limit and need to lose some pounds before I can be approved to compete. Surgery may seem like a challenge because I love to eat, and I’m not very active.

I am cute, though.

The third reason is that “neuter” is not in my lexicon. I knew this might be a deal-breaker. I resubmitted the application, thinking it may get overlooked, but to no avail; it kept getting denied with no certificate of medical completion. The International Cat Federation requires all cats competing in the Supreme Master Cat Show to be spayed or neutered. Unfortunately, I have not done this procedure because I am afraid of sharp and pointed objects. That’s why I keeps my claws manicured. I am not the bravest cat on the planet or the neighborhood, for that matter.

My resolution came as I checked my calendar. I have travel plans to go to Kenya; thus, I need to forego the competition. While I am disappointed that I won’t be able to compete in the show, I am happy to postpone the surgery, thus, saving my jewels for something more useful.

I am looking forward to My trip to a Kenyan Africas photo safari with Mr. C and Ms. Mar. After all, this is the ancestral land of my kind, filled with the excitement of visiting different types of beautiful animals, not just cats.

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