A Marathon Day

I haven’t written anything recently but that’s because Ms. Mar and Mr. C haven’t taken me on any adventures lately . . . that is until last Sunday. I initially knew something was wrong when I was carried and cuddled in the wee morning hours.  This is unusual and I’m not accustomed to unusual. When they took me to the car I really knew something was up.  My first thought was we were going to the vet.  Oh, no!!!   Why, what did I do to warrant this?”

But when we got out of the car we were somewhere else. Bend_Marathon-00260April 26, 2015The symphony overture played as we took front seats (actually we were standing) to a chilling moment. Quiet moments rolled to a crescendo as human voices roared to gleeful shouting.  The first Bend, Oregon Marathon started with a countdown. (more…)


HONOLULU MARATHON . . . 26.2 miles . . . are you pupule!!!!! (part 1)

HawaiiMs. Mar loves to tell stories about when she made the adventurous move from a small town in northern Minnesota to a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean – Hawaii – way back in 1974. Of course, this was long before I was ever thought of, or my mother was thought of, or her mother . . . you get the gist. I was not yet in existence when this move occurred so I can only tell her stories.

While she intended to stay in Hawaii only for a year until she figured out what she wanted to do “when she grew up,” Ms. Mar ended up staying for 25 years and during that time had many great adventures. Over the next few weeks, I’ll tell you some of her stories.


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