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I relax on Ms. Mar’s lap for the conclusion to the story, Ms. Mar has to preface the story a little. She said that the reason she took charge of the compass is that Mr. C has a hard time with directions and she was afraid he would direct them out to sea.  In Hawaii, directions aren’t given by using North, South, East, West . . . they use landmarks as directions. Mauka would be toward the mountains; makai would be toward the ocean; Diamond Head is toward Diamond Head; Ewa towards Ewa. It was hard to see these landmarks underwater, so Ms. Mar took over the controls.

And the story continues . . .

Dive Log Book

As they swam into the abyss, Ms. Mar was confident she had read the compass right and were heading in the right direction. Mr. C was being towed by her as he was preparing his “I told you so” speech. He was not quite so confident of Ms. Mar’s leadership and direction. As the minutes passed by and they hadn’t reached the other side, little strands of doubt started going through Ms. Mar.

Suddenly, a large shadow started looming overhead. Mr. C’s first thought was a shark. But the closer they got, the bigger the shadow became until they realized they had reached the other side.

As they crawled up to the beach they found the flag almost in front of them. The marines were scattered and one group got lost. We think they ended up in Japan.  Ms. Mar and Mr. C walked away with the highest score for underwater navigation. With sport diving certificate in hand, they were ready to face the ocean on their own . . .

Diver's Club Patch

Stay tuned for more adventures.


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  1. zannyro

    I’m glad I found your blog! I really enjoyed this post!

  2. bwbears

    what an adventure! I like the bit about ended up swimming to Japan…

    1. Thanks. It was a lot of fun. Haven’t been diving in many years. We’re pretty much landlocked now.

  3. Alex Khoo

    You make me miss diving… Nice post!

    1. I miss it sometimes. I haven’t been diving in years but I loved it when I was diving. It’s a whole new world under the water.

      1. Alex Khoo

        Exactly! And somehow it makes me happy underwater! 🙂

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