Pia 1Pia was not supposed to be Ms. Mar’s cat.  Pia was adopted as a kitten by Ms. Mar’s daughter-in-law, KQ.  But from the moment Pia came into the household, she had her own ideas.

Pia 3Pia was teeny-tiny . . . she never got over 6.5 pounds.  But she ruled everyone.  When she arrived at the household, she was about a 2 pound kitten and she immediately asserted her dominance.  She harassed Ms. Mar’s dog, Nicky, chasing him everywhere, forcing him off the bed so she could sleep with Ms. Mar, and completely taking over the house.

Eventually, Pia decided that she liked Nicky and the two of them became inseparable.  They ate together, slept together and played together.

Even though Pia was technically KQ’s cat, when it came time for Ms. Mar and Mr. C to move to Oregon, no one had the heart to separate Pia from Nicky, so Pia made the move with them.


If you know cats, you know they don’t like change.  The first night in the hotel, Pia climbed behind the headboard of the bed and wouldn’t come out.  Being the tiny kitty she was, she fit into small places.  The next morning Ms. Mar finally coaxed her out and they were on the way.  The next night Pia found her way into the bedsprings of the bed.  Again, they had to take the bed apart to get her out.

But once she had a permanent home, she settled in nicely.  She was still the Alpha of the household.

Pia 4That was almost 14 years ago.  Last week, after thyroid problems caused Pia’s system to shut down, she was put to rest.  She has joined Nicky and me on the other side.  I know it was very hard for Ms. Mar and Mr. C, but she had a wonderful long and happy life.  I like to think that she missed Nicky and me so much she wanted to join us.



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  1. Viveka

    So beautiful …. she had a good life with you, guys … and she gave so much back to you. She is okay where she is now .. and you are left with fantastic memories of her.

  2. Janis Felidae

    awe, I´m so sorry for Ms. Mar and Mr. C beautiful Pia also went to the Rainbow Bridge. It´s always so sad for those who left behind. But I think she´s more than OK now and waits for you. Sending love & hugs to you all xxx´s

  3. zannyro

    So sorry for your loss..”hugs” to you all…

  4. rumpydog

    What a lovely tribute to Pia. xxx

  5. angelswhisper2011

    Aww, this was beautiful, but sad. I’m sorry Pia left the planet, but I’m glad you picked her up 🙂

  6. Sonel

    Pia was a beauty for sure Tux and I am sure she is happy now where she is. Lovely photo’s. 🙂 *hugs*

  7. seeker

    That hurts to see someone go even we know they are in heaven. Lovely Pia.

  8. Shakti Ghosal

    Very expressive eyes indeed. Clearly this cat has nine lives!


    1. Ms. P

      I knew Pia, Tux and Nicky. They had soooo much love from Ms. Mar and Mr. C. I know because I’m the Auntie of their animals. They’re in a happier place now without sickness and are romping together in Pet Heaven. But I still miss you!

  9. acflory

    Pia looks just like my Pippi. -huge hugs-

  10. Ollie McKays

    The most beautiful “Cat Eyes” ever!!!

  11. Emily

    Aw man, what a cute cat! I love cats, I have my own little guy. He’s the only cat we have, but I am sure he’d do well with out cats. He doesn’t have a dominant personality. But love your photos. 🙂

  12. Madhu

    She is so beautiful! My heartfelt sympathies.

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