In Pet Heaven

Pet Heaven, Well, here I am in my new digs.  Nice place, but I need to adjust to that incessant bright light and the 24/7 string quartet – let the…


“Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” Dr. Seuss

Life is never black & white, but eight years ago we were touched by “it.” The contrasting colors caught our eyes and we were forever changed.  Tuxedo, the runt of the cat litter, had a lopsided “got milk” mustache, white booties and soul-loving pretty green eyes; the rest of his body was pitch black.  His brothers (there were three others) did not have any markings; so he was special from birth.

Tuxedo 1 (more…)


When Ms. Mar Fell In Love With Italy


Preface:  I spent the last couple of days at the pet hospital with a bladder blockage. FYI to my fellow felines, bladder blockage maybe lethal.  Sure glad Mr. C and Ms. M took me in when they did. With no thumbs I would’ve had a hard time driving.