Oh Canada, Eh

Peeps are funny. When cats get together, we hide and pounce on our friends and take turns chasing each other. Then we groom, eat, nap and clear our innerds of fur. The cycle is repeated again until someone finds something else to play with. Paper bags, boxes make great caves to explore and potted plants are things for only curious and the brave to eat. But the best fun is to jump on my brother’s back like the Discovery Channel showed us when a lion attacked a Wallaby. Sometimes I hide in the litter potty and wait for someone to come to use it and then “Boooo” them and watch them lose their self-control. Try it. It is sooooo funny!



A Cat in Fish Heaven

I need to have talk with Ms. Mar. about dragging me to her future trips. I came with her this time to her home town of Grand Marais, Minn. because of their Fisherman’s Picnic. I was expecting to picnic with Lake Superior FISH. Real fish and not from a can.

I thought I was coming during the summer season but it turns out Minnesota has 5 seasons, fall, winter, spring, summer and road construction. We were here during road construction season. One hour to go 7 miles . . . twice.


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