Oh Canada, Eh

Peeps are funny. When cats get together, we hide and pounce on our friends and take turns chasing each other. Then we groom, eat, nap and clear our innerds of fur. The cycle is repeated again until someone finds something else to play with. Paper bags, boxes make great caves to explore and potted plants are things for only curious and the brave to eat. But the best fun is to jump on my brother’s back like the Discovery Channel showed us when a lion attacked a Wallaby. Sometimes I hide in the litter potty and wait for someone to come to use it and then “Boooo” them and watch them lose their self-control. Try it. It is sooooo funny!

When people get together, they do things like eat, drink, party, play sports, travel . . . Last year Ms. Mar, Mr. C, their friends, Mike and Diane, and moi took a trip to the Canadian Rockies for a week of biking, hiking, and sightseeing.

We're in Canada Wine Country

We drove up though the Canadian wine country of Pentictin and Kelowna. After stocking up on some of the local Canadian wine we continued on to our final destination of Canmore, Alberta, Canada. It was long drive and raining most of the way so I slept.

Beautiful day in Kelowna

When I woke the next day I saw big, burly men in skirts throw trees without the branches around. They wanted to see how far they could throw them. I don’t get it. Pick up a tree and throw it. They also tried throwing a big metal ball over a rope. At first it was frightening, but then I settled down and figured it was a costume party where the men shameless dressed like women in short colorful skirts, doing manly things like lifting and throwing stuff in the air.

Men Throwing Trees

Why? Because I think they were bored and did not have paper bags and boxes to explore. I think Ms. Mar and Diane just wanted to see men in skirts and Mr. C and Mike wanted to try the Scottish distilled spirits. Ms. Mar told me it was the Canmore Highland Games. I need to ask Ms. Mar what that means.

Men in Skirts

Mr. C tells me that Ms. Mar is “a know it all.” So that’s what I’ll do… after my snack and nap. So sit back and relax with a shot of Drambuie and come back next week when I explore more of the Canadian Rockies. eow for now.

Canadian Rockies

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