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In Pet Heaven

Pet Heaven,

Well, here I am in my new digs.  Nice place, but I need to adjust to that incessant bright light and the 24/7 string quartet – let the truth be known, I don’t mind.  Funny, I don’t feel intimidated here and everyone is so nice and speaks kitten-nese.

Okay, now I’m directed to go into a kitty carryall, so with a cleansing breath here I go. I’m placed in a cart with other “cool cats” and delivered to. . . Ahh, …it’s a spa!

All of the Ms. Mar’s house smell is washed off–not that Ms. Mar’s house was smelly or dirty, but there were times when we all (6 to be exact) had to poop and it got noticed.  I got my nails  manicured and my fur trimmed. Again, like I said, “nice digs.”

I’m gently carried to a message table filled with catnip and a cute tanned Siamese “making biscuits” all over my body and face. If Ms. Mar didn’t have me fixed at birth, I would show this asian beauty a real good time.

“Ahh, so this is what heaven is like?”

My thoughts were disrupted by what sounded like a tail hitting my table. “Well, if it isn’t my old Bichon Frise buddy, Nicky, who I haven’t seen for seven years!  “Man, you look great and happy as I remembered you. How’s it going?”

“Wait, what was that?”

I’m told that when that soothing hanging chimes sounds a visitor is being summoned.  “Yea, I hear it; but who’s coming?”

Nicky said, “when the door to the spa opens, you’ll see.”  He goes on to tell me that he had a little difficult time adjusting to that idea.  He goes on, “Although, I was happy to see friends, I knew I left sadness and sorrow behind.  He continued, “I only wish that there was some way of telling Ms. Mar that we are in a great place and well cared for like she cared for us.” For a second, I could feel his pain, but the thought vanished as he tugged on my coat to follow him.

“Hey Nicky, watch it, don’t pull on my paw, I just had it done!”

“Come on, let’s see who is coming,” he said as he gave me a gentle tug.

The chimes got louder and the door opened with a “swoosh.”

Who, who, who is it?

St. Peter announced, “Lady PIA from the House of Mar!”

I had a hard time keeping up with Nicky dashing over to greet her.  I could not help to see great joys of tear flowing on to his silky white coat. He barked so loud that others from far away, “shusssshed” him.  I did not know that dog’s tail could wag that fast.  I paused to allow them to have their own time together since I had just seen her  two weeks ago.  I was so touching seeing pure happiness, it kind-of made me tear too.

So, off we went to have Pia get the royal grooming treatment and rest from her journey.  Nicky took me to the solarium to see all the stars and wonderful shooting stars in the sky and to wait for Pia to get done.  So, we ordered cocktails for three and spend time getting to know each other before Pia joined us.

The sophisticated cat that I am, I proposed a toast. Nicky and I raised our glass,  “Here’s to friends and family.”  Nicky paused with a thought and smiled to say, “But may I also add, …here’s to absolute.”

Nicky’s 65-year-old scotch had a beautifully amber tone, and was honey sweet. My milk was just right matching my mustache and well-groomed paws.

“You know, I lived in Honolulu for most of my life,” Nick said as he arranged his fluffy tail as he continued to talk–”…and there, when drinking we would order “Pupus,” but you know it as, hors d’oeuvre.  Let’s order some.”

The platter came filled with delicious paw (no fingers) food.  “Nick, so what was it like in the tropics?” Nicky leaned back to recall and unconsciously pulled out a cigar and proceeded to light it.

A moan from the maitre d’ reminded Nicky that fire was not allowed on the premise, as he handed the Cuban delight to the penguin suited penguin.

“In the summer, it is hot.  As you can see, I needed to get my fur cut to be comfortable.  Also, the tropics have fleas, to which I was not a big fan of.  Now, Bend, Oregon I was really happy there. It was cool, no fleeas–but snakes! ”

This day was perfect as Nicky and I reminisce those days, while waiting for Pia. My thoughts drifted into a twinge of sadness thinking of  Ms.Mar and Mr. C.  I would love to see them, but they still have my biological mother and three brothers to care for. But I know in time, I will.

“Hold that thought,” as I motioned to the penguin for another round.

To be continued…

Aloha, Tux


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  1. Judy Backlund

    What a beautiful thought. I am happy to hear that you are “at home” in your new digs, Tux. I’m sorry to hear that you and Pia both have left Ms. Mar and Mr. C at the same time, but you will all be together again one day.

  2. rumpydog

    Yeah, the ones left behind are sad, but I hear it’s a great place there in Heaven, or the Rainbow Bridge, or whatever you choose to call it.

  3. You need to go and find Smokey. She’ll be more than happy to show you around and cuddle up with it’s kitty nap time.

  4. Peggy

    I’m sure glad my cat nieces and dog nephew are doing fine in Pet Heaven. Pia, Tux, and Nicky – I’m always thinking of you and remembering you fondly. 😀

  5. tanglycottage

    My very best cat, Dumbles, was a tuxedo. Or was Orson, also a tux, the best? Or perhaps the plush tuxedo, Pudge Bear? I miss Dumbles the most because he bonded only with me.

  6. Maxima

    I absolutely love this!

  7. eremophila

    My big best friend Sally is over there and she loves kitty cats! Even though I miss her terribly I wouldn’t ask her to leave such a wonderful place. ♥

  8. oneofhere

    Lovely story, making our furred friends somewhat human. Keep it up!

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