Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s on a Hike we Go

If you want to go hiking in the wilderness, don’t take a Sophisticated Cat . . . get a dog (I really didn’t mean that, Ms. Mar!!!) So when Ms. Mar, Mr. C, Mike and Diane decided to hike from Lake Louise to the Lake Agnes Tea House, I opted to stay behind and curl up on the bed. I miss my Cardigan blanket because SOMEONE FORGOT TO PACK IT! Instead, I’m napping on a basic comforter provided by room service. Ms. Mar’s sister, Lori, and her family had also arrived and were joining them on the hike, so they didn’t need me along.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is one of those iconic “most beautiful” places. When Ms. Mar showed me pictures of the turquoise water of Lake Louise, I didn’t believe that water could actually be that color. She assured me it was. Since I wasn’t there, I’m still not sure I believe her. Shall we say, she sometimes exaggerates! But it did look like a place I might like to visit . . . canoes peacefully gliding along the turquoise water, chipmunks darting between rocks, birds chirping in the dense trees. I wish Ms. Mar would’ve told me there were chip-pies at the lake. I love “fish-n-chips” with my spot of tea.

The Hikers at Lake Agnes

This hike from Lake Louise to the Lake Agnes Tea House is not a difficult hike. The path is well-traveled and easy to follow. It is a steady 2 mile uphill climb with the steeper areas at the very beginning and the very end. The hike was a real test for Mr. C, though. He had just had a total knee replacement surgery five months before so he wasn’t sure how his knee would react. But with the aid of walking sticks, he made it just fine. At the end of the hike, they were rewarded upon arriving at the Lake Agnes Tea House nestled on the shore of Lake Agnes. Ms. Mar said the Tea House serves more than 30 different kinds of tea, sandwiches on their homemade bread, and cookies. She said a peanut butter and jelly sandwich along with a cup of Tuscany Pear tea never tasted so good.

Lake Louise

I wonder if I can order lunch from the room service menu. Ahhh, let me see; I need my glasses…here we go – “Wine by the glass.” Ummmm would they charge more if I requested it in a bowl?

Mountain Goats?????

Ms. Mar showed me photos of some mountain goats they saw high up in the mountain. Those little white specks were mountain goats???? They look like specks of dandruff.

I think I’ll nap for an hour, groom for an hour, stretch a bit and then text my brothers. I’m beginning to miss them. That should get the juices going for more Canadian frivolity. I heard Ms. Mar mention going bear hunting. I hope they don’t use me for bait.

So sit back and enjoy your spot of tea and come back next week to see what new adventure they have.

Meow for now . . .

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