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Comeback Kid-dy

Heeeere’s Tux

Welcome to my blog… again. I am re-introducing myself, Tuxedo (the Sophisticated Cat), after a long hiatus, to bring relief to the stressful years we are still encountering. To refresh your memory, my name is Tuxedo. In the kitty world, we don’t have a last name. I’m a medium size, medium-haired black cat who lives with owners Clinton (Mr. C) and his wife Maralee (Ms. Mar). I’m telling my story in my voice and from my point of view. The title of my blog is obvious because I am sophisticated. I started my first adventure blog in August 2012 and ended in November 2016. I’m not sure why Mr. C & Ms. Mar stopped, but they asked me if I would object to starting over.

“Indeed not!” I love talking about me.

A lot has happened since; we moved into a newly built house and put in an Asian motif for the ground covering. I now have the entire house to myself because my 3 brothers and mom were each taken to the vet at different times and never returned.

If you read one of my blogs you will know my personality and love me. I am warm and wonderful with green eyes and an endearing, adorable, lovable sweet face. No conceit, “…just the facts ma’am”.

Who knows where my journey will be . . . I know. Kenya.

In my blog, I will take you on journeys beyond belief and share my photo album to tantalize you into traveling. My stories are worthy of international awards confirmed by my friends around the hood. If I can make one person giggle, I’ve done my job, making two laughs is like adding another life to the nine already in my pocket.

What I’m saying is that I’m special. So, spread the word that I’m back with amazing stories to tell.

Ciao4now, Tux


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