Scuba Part II – Sport Diving

Reef Fish

The Haleiwa Trench on the north-shore of Oahu was murky. The 100+ feet trench is the entrance to a boat harbor and is filled with unseen monsters of the deep. We were breathing compressed air and guided by our will to survive. At one atmosphere down, the murkiness only allowed us to see our instruments. Crude sign language was our sole means of communicating as our senses were reduced only to hearing our air exchange from our regulators. Images of “Jaw’s” played on my face mask as we swam deeper into the black Trench. (more…)


HONOLULU MARATHON . . . are you Pupule!!!! (part 2)


“4, 3, 2, 1 and BOOM, a canon blast starts the race. Fireworks are going off. This is it. This is my final exam. Did I train enough? Will I make it? For some reason, I have Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5 Finalerunning through my head.   Must be a throwback from my music days in high school and college.

Honolulu Marathon Start

“It seems like forever before I am able to move. The race is already 2 minutes old before I am even able cross the starting line. With so many people surrounding me, I am unable to do anything but walk for the first few minutes. As the swarm of people starts to disburse, I am finally able to start a slow jog, and then a slow run. I try to keep my breathing even and my pace steady. I was about to experience something few people have only to ponder. I was about to experience both agony and the thrill of living.  I was about to experience the fear of having to go to the bathroom! (more…)

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