HONOLULU MARATHON . . . are you Pupule!!!! (part 2)


“4, 3, 2, 1 and BOOM, a canon blast starts the race. Fireworks are going off. This is it. This is my final exam. Did I train enough? Will I make it? For some reason, I have Shostakovich’s Symphony No. 5 Finalerunning through my head.   Must be a throwback from my music days in high school and college.

Honolulu Marathon Start

“It seems like forever before I am able to move. The race is already 2 minutes old before I am even able cross the starting line. With so many people surrounding me, I am unable to do anything but walk for the first few minutes. As the swarm of people starts to disburse, I am finally able to start a slow jog, and then a slow run. I try to keep my breathing even and my pace steady. I was about to experience something few people have only to ponder. I was about to experience both agony and the thrill of living.  I was about to experience the fear of having to go to the bathroom! (more…)

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Sunset at Snow Canyon

When Ms. Mar and Mr. C announced that we were going to visit Snow Canyon State Park, I was underwhelmed. Sorry, but my standards reflect my regality that goes back centuries to the Egyptian gods and monarchs. My peeps were pampered by a royal court and rows of servants standing ready to serve at the raise of my brow. Stories are told that servants would run to our beck-and-call by the mere wiggle of our ears. I want only the best. National Parks are more suited for my regal status. State parks are for mere mortals.

Snow Canyon




Bryce Canyon from Sunrise Point

Stunning . . . spectacular . . . awesome . . . magnificent . . . amazing . . . “okay I get it already. Keep it down out there; Backpack Kitty is trying to nap!” When Ms. Mar looked over the landscape at Bryce Canyon, she was rendered speechless. And that is something that doesn’t happen very often. The “hoodoos,” or pinnacles that make up Bryce Canyon are unique to any place I’ve seen.


One interesting fact is that the Paiute Indians believed the hoodoos were “Legend People” who were turned to stone by the trickster god Coyote.