Canmore to Banff

Kitty cats don’t do a lot of unnecessary exercise. We may chase a mouse if one happens to cross our path. We may chase another kitty cat if it starts to eat our food or get in our way. But humans are different. They leave the house talking and laughing and full of fun and return sweaty and haggard. Why?

Case in point . . . Ms. Mar, Mr. C., Mike and Diane went to Canada to do some cycling in the Canadian Rockies. The weather had other plans. They were only able to get out and ride two times.

Along the Legacy Trail

Their first ride was along the new Banff Legacy Trail, a 26 km paved multi-use recreation pathway between Canmore and Banff. Huh? I’m an American cat. What’s km? There were several sections that hadn’t quite been completed and they had to ride over gravel between concrete barriers (separating them from the traffic). I know I shouldn’t laugh, but Ms. Mar crashed into one of the barriers . . . twice. Sorry, Ms. Mar, but I have to laugh. Help me understand this? Are these moving concrete barriers? Why did she hit it them twice? Was it once going and the other on the return trip? Did she hit the same barrier? And I’m sure the other’s had to stifle some laughter too. I wish they had taken pictures of it. But be assured, Ms. Mar was fine. Only a few bumps and bruises.

The trail is a wonderful way to travel between the two towns. It’s open to bicyclists, walkers, runners and skaters. What’s better than riding 16 miles to a coffee shop and enjoy a hot cup of coffee  on a cold wet day and a delicious scone and then ride back. If it were up to me, I’d just be curled up sleeping.

Vermillion Lakes

Their second ride was along the Vermilion Lakes just outside of Banff. That day the weather cooperated. But I think Ms. Mar had some concerns when Mike pointed out bear droppings along the way. I’m sure Ms. Mar was expecting a grizzly bear to jump out and eat her and her bike.

Vermillion Lakes

Canmore and Banff are beautiful towns with lots of rugged mountain peaks and hiking trails for the adventurers. The place is clean and the people are nice.  I would say they are Canada nice (not to be confused with Minnesota nice).   There were lots of wild chipmunks (yum, I think) in people’s yards and gorgeous streams for sport fishing (Big yum). People and nature living in harmony. But harmony is learned.

For the most part we have a pact. I don’t interfere with Ms. Mar’s activities and they stay away from mine. Hairballs are a different story. I do expect them to pick them up so I don’t step in them at night. My demands are not difficult, but I do expect consistency. After all I am the Sophisticated Cat.

So relax and enjoy a glass of Crown Royal or your favorite Canadian wine and join us when Ms. Mar and the gang go hiking.

Meow for now . .



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