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Abu Dhabi

I don’t want anyone to get the impression I know everything. Wikipedia supplied most of the details about this country which is the seventh member state of the United Arab Emirate located between Oman and the Gulf Coast with a population of 2,061,000 people (est. 2009). This is also the federal capital of the UAE and accounts for two-thirds of the roughly $400 billion EAE economy.

In our walkabout excursion, Ms. Mar placed my carryall on a cafe chair as they took a coffee break from walking about. A nice gentleman seated at a table next to us wanted to practice his conversational English. They chatted for several minutes. I detected that he was not from the UAE, but lived in the area for several years. He continued with something interesting. He said the first childcare allowance in the Emirates, is a monthly grant made to Emirati staff working in the private sector of up to AED800 per child up to a maximum of AED 3,200 per month to help with the costs of childcare up to the age of 21. If you took the AED 3,200 per month until the child hits 21 years old, that adds to the family income by 806,400. Enough of this nonsense since it does not apply to me. The thing that does apply to me is the AED is 0.2725 to the USD. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

The entire city is clean and the beaches are well kept. There are many high-rise buildings, but nothing like Hong Kong, although I haven’t been there yet. We walked around the city and I must say it is quite lovely. The people were very friendly and helpful.

I did not see any stray animals running about, other than the birds in the park, which by the way was magnificent. It had all types of birds you would find in North America. I’m not sure where they all came from, but it was quite a sight to see.

Kitty litter? I really don’t know, but I would not recommend using it in the City of Abu Dhabi. There is plenty of sand to use if that’s what you’re looking for.

There are many things to do in Abu Dhabi. Ms. Mar wanted to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the most beautiful mosques in the world. You could also visit the Ferrari World theme park, or go on a desert safari. There are also many malls and shopping centers where you can find designer brands and luxury items.

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is a sight of reverence and beauty. It is truly a masterpiece in both design and construction. The mosque can accommodate 40,000 worshippers and is open to the public from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. It also holds a Guinness World Record for the largest hand-woven carpet and also boasts one of the largest chandeliers in a mosque.

The requirement for the mosque is as follows:

-All visitors must dress modestly. This means no shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops, or sleeveless shirts.

-Women are asked to wear abayas, which they will provide free of charge.

-Men must wear long trousers and a shirt with sleeves.

-Children under the age of 10 are not allowed in the main prayer hall.

-All visitors must remove their shoes before entering the mosque.

-Photography is allowed inside the mosque, but you must be respectful and not use a flash.

As we left the mosque, we saw a lot of petroleum ministry buildings, which is the main source of income for Abu Dhabi. However, we also noticed a lot of construction going on. It seems that they are trying to diversify their income sources and are investing in other areas such as tourism and real estate.

The cost of living in Abu Dhabi is expensive. If you are on a budget, it is recommended that you live outside of the city where the cost of living is cheaper. There are many ex-pats who live in Dubai and commute to Abu Dhabi for work. This is an option to consider if you are looking to save money.

Overall, Abu Dhabi is a safe and clean city. The crime rate is low and there is little to no pollution. The city is also very welcoming to ex-pats and tourists. If you are looking for a place to live or visit, Abu Dhabi is a great option.

The climate in Abu Dhabi is hot and humid from April to October. The winters are mild and pleasant. The best time to visit Abu Dhabi is from November to March when the weather is cooler and more comfortable. All in all, Abu Dhabi is a beautiful and welcoming city. If you have the chance to visit, you will not be disappointed.

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