How the Adventures of Tuxedo the Cat was born


Clinton was a police officer, and Maralee was a legal assistant for a family law attorney and an avid photographer. Maralee had a passion for photography, and Clinton was Clinton, but they were always active people. One day, his doctor told him that he had to either stop smoking or die, so he decided to take up marathoning to stay healthy. After months of running in the same park, they eventually ran into each other. After 13 years of being running friends, they got married. By this time, Clinton retired, and they moved to Bend, Oregon, and got a pet cat.

Clinton always loved animals, ever since he was a little boy. So when he and Maralee got married, they knew they wanted to get a pet. They went to a shelter and adopted a female cat. To their surprise, a week later she gave birth to 4 male kittens; one was named Tuxedo

– a big black cat with white paws and a milk-colored muzzle splashing onto his chest.

One day, Clinton picked up his front paws and had him dance to a tune from the television. He looked so cute while flashing a bored look on his face. And the rest, as they say, is history. Tuxedo the Sophisticated Cat was born! We envisioned him to take on the persona of Garfield the Cat: arrogant, to the point, and well, sophisticated.

They used my voice to tell their traveling tales and adventures to others—a stroke of literary genius. The Sophisticated Cat stories are short and filled with images intending to entice readers to travel and submit their stories, tips, or information about making memories.

If you’re ever feeling blue and in need of a laugh, my blog is an easy and enjoyable read. Check it out. You’ll be glad you did. And who knows, maybe I inspired you to adopt a feline friend of your own!

We hope to bring back joy and a yearning to see this wonderful place we call earth. We will share our experiences with you and hope you do the same. Please drop us a note or even submit your own stories, tips, or information about your memorable trip. And don’t forget to follow my adventures every week. Thank you for reading “Tuxedo, The Sophisticated Cat.”