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A Very Happy Ending

Maralee_Park_131108_56607-EditMeet Misty . . . or O.C. (office cat) . . . or Jury or Prudence (short for Juris Prudence) . . . or Lucky (she’s one lucky kitty).

Maralee_Park_131031_56081-EditA few weeks ago, this little girl showed up outside Ms. Mar’s office.  They thought she belonged to someone in the apartment building next door to but when she kept returning and didn’t leave, they figured she was a stray – a very friendly stray.

They started feeding her, made a shelter for her and tried finding her a home.  They found someone who was willing to take her and give her a good home, but they wanted to make sure she was healthy before giving her to someone who already had a couple of kitties at home.

Maralee_Park_131031_56083-EditMs. Mar took her to the vet and lo and behold, she had a microchip.  But the “owners” had disconnected their phones and couldn’t be reached.  None of the local agencies had anyone looking for a kitty that fit her description. Ms. Mar gets so angry (and she doesn’t get angry very often) when someone abandons a pet and leaves it outside to fend for itself thinking someone will find it and take care of it.  Most times they don’t.

Anyway, by this time, everyone at Ms. Mar’s office had all fallen in love with her and didn’t want to see her go.  So, ultimately they decided to adopt her as their office kitty.  They haven’t decided on a name yet but that will come.  In the meantime, she has a warm, safe, loving new home. . . like my brothers and I do with Ms. Mar and Mr. C.

Maralee_Park_131108_56596-EditFrom the vet they found out that she’s about 5 years old, weighs 7.7 pounds and is healthy.  She’s now been vaccinated and ready to be loved by everyone there.



P.S.  I wouldn’t have minded if Ms. Mar had brought the kitty home, but my brothers are bullies and probably would have tormented her.  So I’m glad she’s got a happy home.

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  1. Janis Felidae

    awe, she´s an adorable kitty, glad she´s found a new home. Thank you so much.(I won´t say what I´d like do with the owner who´s abondend the sweet one, grrr What a shame!)

  2. onespoiledcat

    She’s a pretty cat! Love her eyes….and she just has a “sweet” face. Office kitty is a good “job” too….I bet she loves it (and having a safe home).

    Pam (and Sam)

  3. Judy Backlund

    That is so nice. She really looked to be in good condition. I wonder if she has ever had babies. Keep up the good work saving kitties.

  4. niasunset

    So lovely one, I am glad to hear this dear Maralee, Blessing and Happiness, Thanks and Love, nia

  5. Divya

    She is so cute! Glad to hear that she finally found a new home and loving people.

  6. Otto von Münchow

    No wonder you all fell in love with her. Such a cutie. Great photographs.

    1. We ended up calling her Miranda. I do a weekly “Miranda Friday” blog on my other blog:

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