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A Marathon Day

I haven’t written anything recently but that’s because Ms. Mar and Mr. C haven’t taken me on any adventures lately . . . that is until last Sunday. I initially knew something was wrong when I was carried and cuddled in the wee morning hours.  This is unusual and I’m not accustomed to unusual. When they took me to the car I really knew something was up.  My first thought was we were going to the vet.  Oh, no!!!   Why, what did I do to warrant this?”

But when we got out of the car we were somewhere else. Bend_Marathon-00260April 26, 2015The symphony overture played as we took front seats (actually we were standing) to a chilling moment. Quiet moments rolled to a crescendo as human voices roared to gleeful shouting.  The first Bend, Oregon Marathon started with a countdown.

Bend_Marathon-00300April 26, 2015Did I mention it was bone-chilling cold out there at 7:00 in the morning?  I heard someone say it was 27° F.  Even with a layer or two of fat and a coat of fur, I was freezing.  I couldn’t understand why all these people were jumping around in shorts and t-shirts and they looked happy and excited. I just wanted to go home and crawl back into my warm bed.

Bend_Marathon-00293April 26, 2015 Bend_Marathon-00272April 26, 2015I know both Ms. Mar and Mr. C used to run marathons and I think they wanted to recapture their youth, but enough is enough. I was confused and thought, “then and now”, has its limits. Their past is looooooong gone and I think they’re way too late for that.

Bend_Marathon-00312April 26, 2015We waited for the race to start and Ms. Mar and Mr. C waved at someone they knew and cheered them on. Then it was back to the car and home again . . . thank goodness.

But . . . a few hours later we were back in the car to go watch these idiots (I don’t know what else to call them) cross the finish line.  Bend_Marathon-00362April 26, 2015They didn’t look quite as excited as when they started, but they did have a look about them that I couldn’t quite figure out. Ms. Mar said it was something that you can’t put into words – only someone who has finished a marathon could understand that.Bend_Marathon-00419April 26, 2015

I flashed her a look that reflected my thoughts. It was my “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” look. As I took my index claw to move my blanket over my ears, my purr box kicked in, while leaving me with a brief thought; “I guess that’s something I will NEVER understand.  I would much rather poke my eye with my pointed claw than to run 26.2 miles for no other reason than to say, “I did it.”Bend_Marathon-00384April 26, 2015

I think Ms. Mar is confusing Burr with purr.  “Home! I want to go HOME!”

Ciao for now, Tux

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  1. Rich Lewis

    Nice set of photographs. I love the third one with the happy woman waiving her phone around.

  2. Matt George

    Fantastic group of photos. I enjoy running, but I don’t think I could come anywhere near a whole marathon. 🙂

  3. Otto von Münchow

    I think it may take a human being to understanding the stupid things they do (say I who do exactly that thing). Great captures of the event – you’ll have to agree to that, no!?

  4. Jane Lurie

    Ha! Love this post, Maralee. The first runner portrait is terrific. Since I am in the midst of training for a half, I can relate. Hope I’m not looking like that one exhausted guy… 🙂

  5. Madhu

    Ha, guess it is kind of crazy, but braving the cold seems worthwhile for this fantastic gallery!

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